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19 Revised Loglines -- Posted and Ready for Critique
If yours is included in this group, please try to comment on at least a few others. I'll be going through and commenting on each entry this weekend.

Thank you so much to Authoress, Holly Bodger, and everyone in the writing community who participates in these kinds of critiques. In a field as competitive as publishing, it's amazing that we all find it within ourselves to help each other get ahead.

I love us.

Good luck to everyone seeking a spot in the Baker's Dozen Agent Auction!

ETA: Yes, this used to say "18." There is one additional submission due to an email glitch.

ETA #2: And we're back to 18 entries. The author of #15 asked that it be removed.

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Thank you so much for hosting our revised loglines, and you even included links to the originals - you rock! :)

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