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Critiques and Beta Readers
Thank you to everyone who participated in the revised logline critique round! The entrants received a ton of awesome feedback. Now I'm just going to sit back and hope someone decides to host a revision round for Authoress's round two entrants, because mine is in that bunch. (Don't feel like you have to look. It's not very good, for a logline.)

I've started seeking beta readers for ALL'S FAIR, because I'm close to finishing what I believe will be the last major revision before I start querying. I'm hoping it'll be ready in time for me to enter the Second Annual Baker's Dozen Agent Auction, but that might not happen. I'm aiming to start sending it to beta readers by the end of October.

I already have a couple of people lined up, but if you're interested in reading ALL'S FAIR and giving me some honest feedback, shoot me an email at blogjustjess(AT) Beta readers are not the same as critique partners--if you've already read AF this year, then you were a critique partner (as you know, I was looking for line-by-line feedback and corrections). For this beta read round, I'm more asking folks to look at the big picture stuff and let me know if the book works overall. If not, specific suggestions are welcome.

And that's all I'm going to say about my own book for now! I hope to get back to talking about regular-person things and widely useful writerly things, and talking about them more regularly.

More soon. :)

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thanks for holding the revisions : )

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