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Road Trip Wednesday: The Best Book of October
My entry for today's YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday is Jessica Day George's TUESDAYS AT THE CASTLE.

From Amazon:

Tuesdays at Castle Glower are Princess Celie's favorite days. That's because on Tuesdays the castle adds a new room, a turret, or sometimes even an entire wing. No one ever knows what the castle will do next, and no one--other than Celie, that is--takes the time to map out the new additions. But when King and Queen Glower are ambushed and their fate is unknown, it's up to Celie, with her secret knowledge of the castle's never-ending twists and turns, to protect their home and save their kingdom. This delightful book from a fan- and bookseller-favorite kicks off a brand-new series sure to become a modern classic.

I read an ARC of this book in early October; it just officially released yesterday.

TUESDAYS AT THE CASTLE is a wonderful, quick read for middle grade fantasy fans. I liked the story and the characters--I may have to look into other books by this author while I wait for news about the next book in the series. I'd recommend it to any middle schooler or young teen, as well as the parents, teachers, and librarians who care about them.

The only thing about TUESDAYS that did not work for me is the title: while the description says that the Castle changes on Tuesdays, in actuality it seems to add or move rooms whenever it needs to, with no mention of Tuesday in the text. But, really, this is something I can live with.

I'm currently reading THE SHINING by Stephen King to reflect the Halloween mood I've been in since early September (my upcoming trip to 13 Screams will be epic), but it's not exactly a kids' book. :)

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This sounds like a fun read. I'll have to check it out too. I love lighthearted fantasies with that childlike awe of things middle grade seems to have.

Have you read Fly By Night by Frances Hardinge? It's about a girl and a goose, and an adventure.

I haven't read much MG, but I think I'm going to start adding it more regularly into my reading cycle. It's fun, for the same reasons you mentioned.

I have not read Fly By Night, but I'll look into it! Thank you for the recommendation.

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