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BOOYAH. Take that, NaNo!

I'll be back for a more in-depth post about the process and my experiences tomorrow. For now, I'm going to write until I actually finish the book (I'm at 50K words, but that doesn't mean it's done). Then I'm going to breathe again.

Cross your fingers I don't pass out before I type "The End."

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Wait, does this mean you won?! Holy whoa! I've always wanted to participate in Nanowrimo but my attention span is like that of a goldfish. :(

Oh yeah. HI JESS!

Hi Liz! Hee hee.

Yep, I won! I won once before, in 2006, but I needed to kick-start my brain in terms of writing and NaNo-ing again seemed like a good way to do it. It was freaking hard, though!

The secret to NaNo is to not look back. Don't re-read what you already wrote. Don't edit as you go. If you realize you changed something halfway through, don't fix it. Just keep going and get at least 1,667 words down a day (or catch up on weekends, like I did). I'm going to be posting my progress graph and dissecting my NaNo experience in a blog post soon, if you're interested.

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