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So apparently...
...I didn't post about my NaNo experience. Sorry about that. Life has been ridiculously crazy for the past few months. I think it's safe to say that I'm on a blogging hiatus until things are sorted out in my personal life.

Talk soon.

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You're totally always welcome. That would be fine. I don't have a bed for the guest room anymore, but I can probably find an air mattress.

If you can't I've got one of my own I could bring. Couches are also my friend. I get up early so you wouldn't wake me while doing your morning routine. :)

But cool, I'll get back to you on what days will work best and we'll go from there. Looking forward to it! :D

Ah yeah, there is a comfy couch down here. That's an option too. Whatever works for you is fine with me, really.

Haha, this apartment is big enough that I don't think I'd wake you up anyway. Someone could probably crash here without me even knowing. :D

Sounds good! I'm excited to see you. :)

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